Attractive but never approached?

So I'm a black haired girl with green eyes - yes, it's kind of rare. I've been told that I am very attractive (by strangers and friends/family; not being cocky so please don't take it like that) and I am also a straight-A student. Usually when people look at me they think I'm just an air-head (because of that whole saying that the prettiest girls are airheads) but I'm completely opposite of that. I am nowhere near slutty, I get along with everyone, I'm totally drama-free, people usually tell me I'm "beautiful" not "hot", even though I'm a straight-A student I still have a social life, I'm really friendly (been told I'm too nice), etc. My friends have told me that I have the "whole package" (trust me, I have some flaws too. Nobody's perfect) so why do I only get stares from strangers and never get approached? Not just from strangers, but guys who know me well never want more than to be a friend with me. Random guys look at me a lot but never approach me (except once, the guy was like 40 years old though..). And no, I don't want to approach guys because I'm too scared to. I just don't understand why the guys around me go after girls who are no good for them and I'm just overlooked.


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  • They're probably intimidated by you. I've been seeing that question a lot so I wrote about it here: link and my idea on what to do about it here: link


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  • yeah I know this story ...Duh because looks can be intimidating. if you carry yourself in a positive way-sounds like you probably do, then to some people that may be kind of like...maybe she's got it together and I don't yet--which can be another intimidation factor I guess. anywayz, ya gotta do it- like just talk with girls and guys in general convo because it'll help you come out of any shell you may have too. so if you see a cute guy/ are near a guy you think is cute, start up a convo and let them know you're friendly. so that'll break the whole stereotype that beautiful girls are mean. then if they wanna ask you out then...they will. Yeah and just a note: usually when you aren't looking is when the guys come out of the woodwork anyways. just don't change who you already are.