Women: you are on a first date with a guy and based on looks and personality only, you rate him a seven (7)...

What would you re-rate him as if you found out he:

1. was a millionaire?

2. worked in porn?

3. is a former drug addict?

4. drove a piece of crap car?

5. has been to prison for a violent crime?

6. lives with his parents?


Most Helpful Girl

  • To be perfectly honest, after learning these things

    1. I will rate him higher

    2. I will not date him anymore. I don't care what his reasons were

    3. Won't date him

    4. Doesn't make any difference

    5. will change my number and move

    6. doesn't make any difference


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  • 1. 9

    2. 4


    4. 7

    5. 4

    6. 6

  • I wouldn't re-rate him on unless he changed how he was from that date... If it were just a show. then yes I would re-rate you..

    If #1 good for you for keeping a secret, but make sure you don't tell anyone unless you really love and trust them

    If #2 That's a little weird yes but who cares its a JOB!

    If #3 FORMER is the key word.

    If #4 hey at least you gotta car

    If #5 As long as you're not violent to me then I have no issues


    If #6 It happens! lol

  • 1. Higher

    2. Wouldn't date him

    3. Wouldn't date him

    4. Maybe like a 6

    5. Wouldn't date him

    6. Maybe a 6 as well


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