Are we ugly when we have minor acne?

Sometimes I brake out here in there. Like every human does. Sometimes when I go out I feel self conscious because I have a few pimples that I got. I hate seeing cute guys or guys in general because when I see them look at me I feel like they're staring straight at them. I'm not an ugly girl guys think I look cute, I dress nice and everything. Do guys think I'm ugly even though I have a few pimples? Or in general do guys think girls are instantly ugly when they see a few pimples on our faces even though were pretty?


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  • It really depends on the individual. Personally, a couple of zits isn't a big deal to me.

  • No not ugly at all. I work in retail and I see a girl who comes in now and then. I don't actually talk to her but I know her face. I think she looks cute and she has a small bit of acne. So I wouldn't let it bother you. And personality goes a lot further than looks :)


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