Why is she looking at me and then looking away when I look in her direction?

I'm relatively inexperienced, but I have been told by many friends who are girls that I am attractive. When I was waiting for a bus there was this girl from another high school that I noticed was looking at me. She was attractive but when I looked at her she looked away suddenly. This continued until the bus came. She kept on looking at me then looking away when I looked at her. Why is she doing that? Also when she got off the bus she walked past me and said something inaudible to me. Please tell me what she is doing.


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  • Oh, its so obvious that she likes you. Of course. she just doesn't want you to know it. It's something I notice myself doing all the time. Go up and talk to her, she wants you to! Oh, either that, or you have something in your teeth, aha. If it's not that, she definitely wants to talk to you. Make the first move, she's probably too shy to do it.


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  • Yes, she is shy. She does like you and I think she does want to tease you abit, aswell as making you do the first step!

  • She is just shy. She likes you, but she doesn't want to show it. She wants you to make the first step!

    • Um, ok. but I don't know her, we go to different schools. What do I do? I am attracted to her as well

    • Do you know her name? Find her on Facebook! It makes it a bit easier!

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