What does he think of me? We grind a lot at prom and flirt but he never asks me out. What should I do?

He kept saying my dress was skanky ( in a playful flirty way) then we grinded really dirty all night. then I ask him to hang out the next night but he was busy. we flirt all the time but he never seems to want to ask me to hang out. what should I do?


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  • Continue being slightly aggressive and keep dropping hints. If he still doesn't respond, you can try to make him jealous. If he still doesn't respond, you'll know he really didn't like you, and you'll have someone else to think about.


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  • If your serious about the guy you should seriously set boundries cause if you don't men will do anything to see how far they can go, men will always set double standards, what is good for them isn't good for you

    Just don't wait by the phone and ask him out, if he wants to see you he will and if he doesn't then he doesnt

    if men like you they won't forget you and even if they don't like you they will still "lead you on" but give that line like I am busy or I just don't want a "R" right now