Why are men unfaithful to me?

The past two boyfriends I’ve had have both cheated on me. I don’t understand why. I don’t want to sound arrogant but I’m a good person; I am considered to be someone who is social and very empathetic. I am supposedly funny and I am extremely loyal. I personally have NEVER cheated on my man. I don’t consider myself ugly either. I have large eyes that are hazel with natural long lashes. I am half French and Native American and proud of both my cultures. I have wonderful curves that give me a body that I love even though I’m not thin. I am short (5’3”). My lips are lush and I have a small nose. My breasts are in between DD and DDD. I feel like maybe I deserve someone who will be faithful to me, not because I think I’m cute but because I am a good person. Why have these men strayed?

I am not clingy in the least. A guy needs his freedom just like I do. I don't leave 50 million messages or texts and I don't watch his Facebook like some of my friends do with their guys. He has chick friends which is totally cool with me.
In the relationship I am an active participant, we talk, we see each other often. I don't instigate fights and I don't try to coerce him into doing things he doesn't agree with. I am not passive but I know when I'm wrong and when I need to back down.
I promise you that he was satisfied. I am the type of person who likes to experiment. I'm not conservative and we both love the same positions and styles. Plus I can deep throat so he found that extremely enjoyable. Maybe he was just a douche.


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  • Well it's nothing to do with your body, it would be for other reasons. Are you clingy? How do you act in the relationship?


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  • do you satisfy them sexually? this could be the main reason. I mean its not right but a guy could really love the type of person that you are but if he is not sexually satisfied he will find a way to get that satisfaction.


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  • most guys cheat out of variety. there is a saying "the only thing better than p**** is new pussy". likely they are young and not ready to settle down. they want to sow their wild oats and have sex with as many girls as they get the chance to. you do deserve someone who will be faithful but finding a guy who wouldn't cheat is pretty rare.