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What type of bodies do women prefer?

I have been working out for about six months now mainly focusing on muscle mass more than muscle tone. My question is what type of bodies do women... Show More

  • Vote A Muscle mass (bulky looking)
  • Vote B Muscle tone (able to see definition)
  • Vote C Don't Care / Doesn't matter

Most Helpful Opinion

  • I'm not really all that fussed asI can't date a guy who looks great but who has zero personality. I don't really like skinny guys, I like them to be cuddly, be it a little muscle or a little fat. I'm not hugely turned on my muscle, but a little definition so long as they are not skinny is ok.

What Girls Said 36

  • I don't care if he has a six pack or not. I care about what he has inside like a heart and soul, someone who cares and has morals and is honest.

  • Muscles are yummy. Too much just isn't my thing, though.

  • I like all types of guys, they all have their own good points.

    My favorite though is just toned, bulging muscles are a little disgusting after awhile and skinny is good but toned is just better.

  • Skinny or muscular, but not a body-builder type. Viens are just gross, don't go that far. I'm an arm girl, but everyone is different, so don't stress to much. You're probably better looking than you think.

  • i absolutely hate guys who are bulky muscley I don't know why I just think its disgusting no offense to anyone who is its just not my preference

  • I'm honestly a skinny little boy kind of girl. I like my guys really little, but I do like muscle tone. Once the muscles start getting too big though it starts looking kind of too much for me.

  • Not too skinny, not too much muscle like LL or 50 Cent, not too short like shorter than me, and I am 5'2, and not too tall. Just a medium, average guy I guess.

  • like on famous people I want to see them with nice bodies, but in real life I like myself a guy wit a little pudge, I think its cute

  • I would rather have a guy who's healthy. A guy who works out just for muscle mass is probably more interested in looking in a mirror than looking at me. But, if a guy is healthy looking, whether or not he works out, and has some muscle tone, then that's great. I realise that there are guys out there who casually work out and have awesome muscle tone and mass, I would just prefer it if a guy was healthy.

  • For some reason my computer won't let me vote - but I'd say muscle tone.

    I don't find big, bulky muscles attractive.although a nicely toned Y shaped body is nice ;)

    Generally, I like a guy that looks like he can protect me but also give comfy hugs!

  • I like definition because that is so distinctly manly but not too much. No bulky waterpuff muscles and not so cut that the guy could be a muscle mannequin for lab class, lol.

  • don't like bulky looking guys at all. Muscle tone is much better

  • Personally I like a guy who has muscle mass and chunk

    It sounds weird

    what can I say

    I like em thick.

  • i don't like a guy who's too ripped, personally. and I know I'm not alone on that.

    it's not cuddly.

  • I like toned bodies but I can't stand muscles.

  • Toned is hot! I'd much rather see not enough muscle than too much muscle personally.

  • omg what is with boys always trying to impress girls with their body. my ad vice is to not worry about how you look and start focusing on the girl and her feelings on things not you guys talking about your six packs. and I am not saying to stop working out but just stop doing it for girs attention becazuse most girls don't care about that they care about you and what you say to make them laugh

  • I like skinny guys.

  • i like nice guys ... looks don't matter ... & you should find some1 who loves you not your body

    • Good to know. Here I was starting to think women were getting shallower.

  • i like the kind that is fit but doesn't have much muscles. but sometimes I like it when a guy is just a little bit chubby, a few pounds extra. its adorable and I love pinching him and hugging him. but I don't like fat bodies.

  • As long as you're working out that's great. I wouldn't like some one sitting on their fat asses all day would you?

  • i like muscles.but not the ones that look like body builders.

  • I like the way swimmers look, and Footballers (NOT Gridiron). Like Beckham. I think lean muscle is much sexier than big, gross, bulging ones. Some chicks do dig big, gross ones though.

    The girls who get excited about Hulk men are easy to spot: They're usually orange, live in New Jersey, and wear slut gear to the clubs.


    • Your comment actually made me laugh out loud

    • I must say that I also laughed at your comment but I must disagree I think you mean ny girls there the guidettes sweetie..

  • some muscle tone, but definatley NOT a guy that is skinnier than her, in my opinion.

  • a toned, fit body is, in my opinion, delicious.

  • I'm a face person first, but if you have a toned body, that's alright. It's mostly about WHO you are in my opinion.

  • To me, it's really unattractive when a guy has a lot of muscles! I think that's just over exaggeration of a person's looks, and neither way is good.

    I like average looking guys (talking about their body type). Or perhaps even a bit skinnier or chubbier, but certainly not bulky.

    It's just that, people who work too hard on themselves have hidden agenda, and besides, the bulky look just isn't hot at all.

  • it doest really matter for me.my man has nice shoulders but a little belly and I love it

  • If the guy has at least some muscle and is toned up, has a fit body then it's attractive.

  • If you have muscle tone then that is good enough. I personally don't like when guys are huge and they have muscles bulging out everywhere. As long as I can see that you are fit then that's good enough for me!

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What Guys Said 3

  • Most women I've talked to don't like the bodybuilder or power-lifter looks. The best example I can give of what I've found most women prefer is how Brad Pitt looked in Troy.

  • The best bet is to stay in between so you can get the girls who like muscle guys, and the guys who don't care. So, be toned.

  • I know that a lot of girls say that they don't care about what a guy looks like all that much, but I have some big muscles all over my body, and women seem to love to touch me and look at me and are always hitting on me and all over me! So, I'm not quite sure that they really don't care about muscles! However, I know that everyone has their own opinion of what they are attracted to! :)

    • Yeah dude - I think you're exactly right! I think if women had a choice, they'd go for whatever is the biggest & best! (lol) I think most girls like the "Alpha Male" whether they want to admit it or not. Also, I think, according to science, that it's in women's nature to mate with the strongest of their species. Makes sense to me!

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