Is a girl who's kind of tomboy a turn off?

I never really considered myself a tomboy until recently when I noticed a lot of guy friends started telling me (jokingly) that they thought I was a guy sometimes.

I had to stop and think about it, and I guess its true. My usual attire is whatever I'm most comfortable in, which is sweat pants/Jeans and a plain white tee. I take care of myself physically, but its just my carefree/easy going personality to dress that way..

So, I go to 7/11 a lot because I like this one guy that works there, and I always show up in the aforementioned clothing, really casual and all. He's a lot older than me, let's say around 28-ish... so I was wondering if that was a turn off ?

What would go through your head if you saw a girl who was attractive, but dressed really casual, and you always saw her like that?


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  • Personally, I find it more attractive than someone clad for the sake of showing off.


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  • Sometimes tom boys have certain good values some girls don't. It's not a turn off in my opinion unless it was overboard, but anything can be overboard.

    • Loll I know what you mean.. Girls that dress in guys clothing, and talk like that too.. I find that repulsive. I love being a woman, I just really tend to act on whatever I feel, I'm a guy in that sense then I guess...

  • Yeah I'd say it's a turn off. Especially if your so much of a tomboy that you fit in as one of the guys.

    The dressing casual thing isn't really a turn off, but it's definitely not a turn on. Casual clothes won't show off your body at all.

  • Depends on the guy what he likes etc... everyone is different...


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