Would you consider these attractive?

A girl who bites her lip? girl with long brown hair? A girl who twirls her hair on her finger? girl who reads a lot? A girl who's an artist? A girl who wears a little make up?


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  • A girl who bites her lip? -absolutely

    A girl with long brown hair? Love long hair and brunettes

    Twirling fingers? Its seductive and innocent at the same time

    Girl who reads a lot? Very cute, intelligence is a HUGE turn on

    Artist? I don't know many artists I guess its a social circle thing. I don't see this as a bad or good thing

    a girl who wears a little makeup? Little to very little to none


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  • A girl who bites her lip? -mildly

    A girl with long brown hair? yes long hair is generally attractive to guys

    Twirling fingers? Not so much

    Girl who reads a lot? Kinda cute

    Artist? it depends...what kind of art... Not into modern artists

    a gear who wears a little makeup? Yes a little is good :) not too much

    • Thanks so much! that's like perfect :D

  • Everything apart from teh artist is attractive, being artist is ok I guess, but most of the artists I've met are weirdos, though those are only uni students.

    • Oh, is it just because they acted weird or knowing they were into art?

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    • She can talk about it if she wants. Aslong as she can talk about other stuff too, ones I've met seem to just talk about art and know nothing else, so after talking about art they would seem to sorta have no social skills. Maybe it was the group of people I grew up with but the things they would talk about and say were just weird to me.

      Its hard to explain when typing it. From what youve typed so far it seems like your fine and it shouldnt be a problem for you :)

    • Haha, thanks ;) I just wanted to know what guys thought about all of that :)

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