Do some girls always go for "good-looking yet bad" men?

Am I one of those girls? I only seem to be attracted to some guys. Not the nice guys that are my friends. They are such good people. But some good looking guys who are kinda flaky. Why is this? I can't even imagine dating most of my friends, its just that I like them so much as people and friends, and that I have no romantic feelings for them. I value them emotionally though, and spiritually as they are really great. What's the part missing here? Is it only how I imagine a guy should look or be, or is there something else that I'm missing. I just actually want to be in a happy and caring relationship, the same way that my guy friends care about me. How come the guys who do treat me right I don't find attractive?


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  • Okay since I am one of those "nice guys" I will try to answer this. Nice guys like me usually try to get into the friend zone and than going to the next level of boyfriend and girlfriend from that position, we like to get to know the person first before anything, the bad guys (If they are cute) will try to get you on pretty much the first few days after they get your number, they play their game on you guys that love bad guys and you fall for it like a trap like edgar334 said, around your mid 30s once your bad guy relationships fail, you will wish you had the "nice guy" from the start that has always been there for you. I don't know how you girls can't date your "friends" What's wrong with dating your friends? Do you like going out with complete strangers that you barely met or someone who you know and trust won't do you wrong?

    • Do you like going out with complete strangers that you barely met ... be careful asking that bro because you might not like the answer you get

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    • Correct and not. After thinking of it all, I realize that all relationships work out differently, drama in life could break the friendship, there is so many different ways a friendship can break. I think a good friend you have known for the longest would be the best person to marrry in the future, that's if he /she hasn't settled down already, if both of you have settled with different people, that's the best friendship knowing you have someone to talk with and knowning they have someone too

    • Without having the appearance of love while you guys talk, because than you know he's not the one who wants to be boyfriend/girlfriend with you since you both have one already, you might enjoy each other more than your boyfriend/girlfriend but that's because your relationship is more open and you're confident that no matter what it won't break.

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  • Work on your personality as well as your looks and maybe one day you will find yourself a man. Someone that won't take any of your sh*t, but at the same time will connect with you emotionally. They are rare but are out there...

    • What about my personality are you talking about? What sh*t? I said I appreciate and really truly care about the guys who are my friends, but yet for some reason I don't have that chemistry towards them, or feel like I dont, even though they have it for me. And I don't know if its their looks or whether its something else, like a special spark. I don't mean all my bfs have been flaky, I just stuck around too long with the ones big issues cos I felt like I could help them somehow cos I loved them

  • Well ill take a shot at this. The reason you can't get into a relationship with your nice friends is because you guys don't have that sexual tension you get when a guy acts cocky/funny/confident around you. They are great guys but what it comes down too, can you see them in bed lol. You will settle down with a nice guy once you been trampled on by all the bad guys in your mid 30's.

    What do I know though :)

    I'm actually in the process of becoming a bad guy so I won't get the left overs when I am 30>:)

    • True that, much better than raising a kid from a previous "bad boy" or having a girl "settle" for you

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    • Lol well my sister tells me I'm the perfect catch because she says I am good looking and nice but I don't feel that way. I feel like a nobody sometimes. All these other guys who are just messing up their lives, being bad (going to parties every week, not caring about school) will end up paying for their actions in the end. Hopefully I will find my soul mate when I have my profession. It just hurts me to think she was just another one of those girls who didn't for guys like me but now after having all her fun she wants to settle down with guys like me.

    • Well, I think you sound like a good guy. And I hope everything works out well for you :). And yeah, bad guys are always bad guys. When girls get their hearts broken or crushed they realise which ones are no good. I guess I realise this too now. Thanks to all the guys that answered :). I think you just have to be you, and one day you'll find the one for you.

  • ya mite be, hell... ya got gurls who are simps at this dating thang, just like ya got guys who are suckarz ath this thang too


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