What exactly does it mean if a girl likes my eyes?

Is that a round about way of saying that I look good to her or that she's interested in me? Or is that reading too much into it and I just have nice eyes?

I've never looked at a girl that I didn't find attractive and say "Wow! You have very pretty eyes." I don't notice them unless the rest of her face is pretty. Girls confuse me sometimes though so I thought I'd ask.


Most Helpful Guy

  • It usually means "there's nothing worth complementing about you, and I don't really want to offend you."

    • That would make sense if she had to talk to me, but she didn't. It was random and on more than one occasion. lol In that case, it would be that much more offensive that she went out of her way to say that.

    • LOL or it could mean that she just likes the color of his eyes


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What Girls Said 2

  • Sometimes I tell guys they have nice eyes because they really do. But that doesn't mean I find them attractive.

    • Don't they all pretty much look the same?

  • Usually when I notice a guys eyes, I'm noticing their whole face.


What Guys Said 1

  • Girls always always have someting else going on in their head when they talk. Us guys just say what we mean. I say it means she wants you to compliment her back then spend a bunch of money dating her before she finds soembody with better eyes.