How to flirt to a stranger?

I've been Sydney 4 a year, and I don't really know how to talk to girls, I don't mean I'm not confident but I just want everything is going right, be polite and gentle, I guess there are some rules about it, can you guys give me some tips, any suggestions would be welcome


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  • just be nice and friendly, ask questions and seem genuinly interested... not just eager for some fun. Complements always go down well but I would open with one becuase it can seem a little seedy. Good luck! xx

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      Does that mean don't compliment a lot cause that may seem like a little fake or something?

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      Eye contact and smile is usually a good signal for an invitation to come over and talk or dance or get a drink... or if she's not a smiler just repreated eye contact held for a while.

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      I guess I know what to do~thks~u are very nice and what you said really help me~