What attracts guys?

what hairstyle, makeup, &clothing styles do guys 18 and under find most attractive? I'm trying to "reinvent" myself over summer because I'm moving so I figured new area, new me (: suggestions and opinions welcome

i also have copper colored eyes so any eye makeup suggestions?


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  • Id go to a hairstylist and ask them what they think would look best on you and aslong as its not a short hair cut go for it, make up try to wear as little as possible but let it make your skin smoother and make your eyes stick out more, id go to makeups equivilant of a hairstylist and ask her. Since everyone is unique the hairstyle and makeup should be made to suit you, some girls look hot with curly hair while others look so much better straight same with make up some look hot with lots of certain stuff and others look like a tramp with it ;)

    For cloths I duno, again would have to suit you :P Its fine me telling you to go about in a dress or skinny jeans and a tight top but if they look sh*t on you don't bother.

    But if you were perfect for anything id say straight hair with that fringe type thing over half the face, this fringe but with the overall haircut longer so its past the shoulders: link Hair colour doesn't matter.

    Make up: don't care aslong as you look good with it

    Cloths: Skinny Jeans and normal jeans with t shirts of any other type of top, shoes don't really matter but heels are f***ing sexy, your prob a bit too young for that tho :P Just no ugg boots or those gladiator sandals, gladiator sandal heels are ok tho :P


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  • Do you have long hair? Most girls straighten their hair (in my experience... lol this might not be accurate) so curl yours. I personally like curly hair better, I've been wearing mine like that since I finally grew it out again. It looks really beautiful, and it'll make you stand out from the rest of straight-haired girls :)

  • Copper, like hazel-ish brownish? Go with green or brown eye makeup.

  • I'm curious to see the answers to this question, haha.