Do guys like to see girls wearing makeup?

I mean most people say that women that wear makeup it's because they're trying to be something they're not. I think they're just trying to impress a guy.

I know for a fact that men don't like lipstick when they kiss you, they hate it. Tastes bad they get lipstick all love their face etc.


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  • It depends on the preferences of the guys you're trying to attract. I like seeing girls with a light layer of natural-looking make-up that enhances their unique features, because it shows that they're trying to look nice without going over-the-top. Too much make-up screams 'high maintenance,' while no make-up can sometimes give the appearance of being lazy or indifferent. Many girls look great without any make-up at all, but I appreciate the effort of using at least a small amount, at least for special occasions like dates.


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  • I do think eyeliner looks eerie, like you're trying to look like a zombie. Lipstick also looks odd if it's bright red or an unnatural color.

    Makeup will probably work best if it's not easy to tell you're wearing it. It shows you have good taste, and might even suggest that you're emotionally stable and fun to be around if it's done well. Does that sound odd? Remember, we used to make women learn to play the piano and sing, for example, to show their mental acuity and emotional stability.

    I would have to say that too much makeup gives you an "emo" look, even if you're not at all emo.

    It's less of a circus now, at least. Cheers!

  • I'm going to say no makeup. I like it better that way, and it makes people look less intimidating when they don't pile the eyeshadow on their face.

    • That's true it is intimidating, that's why women do it. I bet you wouldn't want to meet me. I wear a lot of liner and black eyeshadow.

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  • I think its more so toward the "no-make-up" rule - that is if the girl looks better with out any. I agree with you to some extent. Some girl DO wear make-up to impress the guys but then some girls wear make-up because its just fun to experiment with. But I think guys would rather be with a girl with no make up lookin' good then a girl with a cake-face.

    • I like to experiment with makeup. I'm an artist so I want to paint everywhere I can, but I agree with you with the cake face thing. I'm a goth chick, I wear the black liner and mascara and a little foundation and a light colored lip gloss and it always gets the guys attention at least the kind of guys that I like. I haven't scared anyone off yet!

  • i always thing a light layer of foundation and a little bronzer on your cheekbones works wonders.

    but for some reason I've heard cake faces with a mile of eyeliner called "hot"

    i don't care if some guys are into that, I will never put on so much make up that my face looks like it's flaking off.

    and what's up with sparkly foundation? I can't believe that any guy would find it attractive that a girl's face is covered in glitter.

  • I agree with you. To me makeup covers you up, and guys don't really get to see what you look like naturally. I think make up is a sign on insecurity too. And if a guy is used to you wearing makeup all the time he might be disappointed when he sees you without it. Not because you are ugly just because you look.well different. Natural. Plain. If you wear no makeup at all and then put a little bit on to go out somewhere the guy won't be disappointed (if you do it right).