What are some things a girl can do to get a guy to notice/ possibly like her?I

I'm just looking for some tips, it would be great if you could help me out. :)


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  • just go talk to him, keep it simple and natural. don't do anything like dress slutty or whatever. be who you are and if he likes it then he will catch on and you will peek his interest. from personal experience I have found that if you change yourself to get someone to like you then you have to keep those changes (lies) up and it just never works. so be yourself and maybe laugh a little more at what he says then other guys ;) hope this helps, good luck!


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  • One thing that always works on me is when a girl smells good. Someone once told me that smell doesn't have an effect on attraction, but I'm not sure I believe that. Even if I don't immediately think a girl's attractive, if she walks past me...and I don't smell her until she's like already past me, it'll make me look twice. It's like getting hit by a gust of aphrodisiac.

    Smile, smell good, dress well. I'm a sucker for a girl with good taste.


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  • Be yourself.