Here's a choose who is right and tell me why?

person A & person B.

person A & B are dating. Person A looks at a person of the opposite sex for more then 10 seconds less then 30. person B gets aggravated. person A is staring at their best friends partner to see who it is but person B thinks there is NO reason to look at them for that long.

whose right A OR B?


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  • I say person A, but really neither is wrong. Person B is a bit of the jealous type, but when you care about the person you are dating, its not hard to become jealous like that especially at 18. Person A was trying to make out who that person was, either she/he has never seen him/her before or they know who it is, but they can't remember what their name was, so they stare at them hoping it will help jog their memory


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  • Sorry guys, I know I have betray you all but I am going to say B. We all know what he was looking at no need to lie on here!

  • You're Italian, so he's always going to lose and always going to be wrong.. because, well.. Italian girls are nuts.


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