Cute and god looking

I know when guys say a girl is cute, pretty, good looking etc etc they mean it. But I have been called good looking by 2 guys (one I my crush and the other was a guy, who is probably 18, who was helping his dad work on our pool). I don't know how to explain what I am asking. How is good looking compared to pretty, beautiful, cute (which I have been called too)? I don't want to seem vein but I am very self conscious of the way I look and I guess I am wondering how I compare to girls wh get called those other things.Guys If you were to call a girl good looking what would you mean> Why would you call her good looking over the other names? Thanks


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  • Good looking is definitely a compliment. I don't think you can necessarily rate or compare these words of description because they all mean basically the same thing. I would probably call a guy good looking if I thought he was cute, but maybe not my type. Or, depending who he was talking to, good-looking is more of a polite way to say someone is hot. So it's definitely a good thing!


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  • In my books on a rating between 1 to 10, 10 being the highest:

    0 - 5 Cute

    6 - 7 Pretty/Good Looking but not super sexy, just normal shape

    8-9 Pretty/Good Looking and super sexy

    10 Hot Babe

    I hope this helps.

  • They all mean basically the same thing: you're attractive. Some people just use different words or phrases to express themselves.


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  • They are all compliments, about the your attractiveness. Cute, has a sweet factor to it. Good Looking is sort of a basic broad term that can cover several other categories. Pretty is better than average looking. Beautiful is a term for those women that are close to perfect, and also, for when a guy falls in love with a girl, then he will think she's beautiful. And hot is often more of an infatuation type term, like someone a guy may want to sleep with, but not necessarily anything more than that.

  • it just depends on what type of guy it is. if a perv says she is good looking he wants some sex and if a nice guy says she is pretty he means I want to spend the rest of my life with her but it all depends.

  • that was really confusing hunny

    • Sorry I always have trouble explaining what I mean. How is the compliment good looking compared to pretty, beautiful, cute? is it better worse? etc