Did you ever meet your first love again?

He didn't want to keep in touch, not even through social networks. We hugged goodbye when I ended our 2 month avoiding each other by saying "I just thought I should say bye" and after staring at each other for a good 10 seconds. AT graduation, he stared at me and my family but when I caught him he looked away and down to the floor, smiling. He's never been in a relationship before and just parties. I never got to know him as he got shy before he freaked out and ran (although he's really the super loud and popular type). Did you ever see that special someone again?


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  • Haha yeah. I dated this guy for 11 months when I was a freshmen in high school. I never really talked to anyone else or hung out with anyone else but him. Then I moved and we broke up. Two years later I moved back to the town we dated in. He didn't live there anymore but he still lived in the same state. I was at a football game my senior year and I saw him there. At first I was thinking uhh wtf what is he doing here? I couldn't stop looking at him even though I had no feelings for him anymore. We finally met up and talked for a while but it was really weird because he said he liked everything about me that he hadn't liked or wouldn't have liked when we dated my freshmen year (piercings, my tattoo, etc). One day he called me and wanted me to hang out with him, but I really didn't want to since I had a different relationship going on so I had my boyfriend ask him to leave me alone. I haven't talked to him since but recently my husband found his Facebook or MySpace and told me about one of his comments saying him and another girl broke up. I just laughed since he told me that he was engaged once.

    • I guess it works out at the end. I wish he had been more mature...but I guess this is how life works. Hope you and your husband the best, and me, and --ah, him too.

    • Everything will work out. I was 14 when I first started dating that guy and my little world revolved around him. As I grew up more I realized that if I continued dating him that I would have gotten stuck with him. Meaning I never would have realized all of the things he kept me from doing. By that I don't mean partying, drinking or anything like that. I mean he actually used to tell me what I was and wasn't aloud to wear or do besides those things. You will find someone who is better for you..


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  • 10 years later, I met mine

    • Story?

    • That story is private as we have someone writing about us...next month will be 14 years from the first day we met

  • she lives at the same building as my granny, so whenever I visit her, I encounter her at the stairs the elevator, the store around the corner, its soo awkward !


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  • No mines locked up sadly

    • Well you know what happened to him at least. I'm sorry though. I guess it was for the best.