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I was in a serious relationship with a guy for a few months until we broke up because he felt that things were going too fast. About a month later, he asks if it would be okay if he and I dated casually. I was really really into him, so of course I would take whatever I could get, hoping that maybe it would lead to something more again...Its been almost 2 years and we've been pretty exclusive, but he hasn't asked me to be his girlfriend again, even though we pretty much act like it. My friends tell me that I should ditch him. But I'm not sure if I should just ride it out or what? I'm confused :(


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  • Oh, HELL no! Get RID of him! He does not want anything serious with you, if it has been two years and he still has not introduced you to any family members or friends then he does not think anything serious of you two. If he really wanted a serious relationship with you he would have said so a long time ago 2 years is more than enoug time to decide whether he wants to be serious with you or not. What it seems like to me is that he doesn't. You deserve better for your self, if you continue to stay you will continue to lose self respect for you self and eventually see all of this as normal and that he really does care about you, when he doesn't. I know by now that you feel insecure about you and this relationship with him, I was in a similar situation. You have to tell him that he either takes the relationship seriously or its over between you two. If he doesn't want to then you need to run, run as fast as you can and never look back.

    • What you said is exactly what every female friend of mine said. I know its true...its just hard to actually do the right thing for me because I'm just too into the guy. I guess this is all up to me now. You've been a big help. Thanks a lot!


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  • That is really confusing but the advise is try and talk to him and find out what you guys are really doing and what he is up to and of course what he is thinking about you. girl you can't go on like this besides you will end up denying yourself a good guy out there if you stick around with this unknown relationship.

    • Thanks! I will try and talk to him. I don't know when I'm going to find the guts to do that, but I will eventually. Thanks for the help!

  • Do you like him, did you enjoy the last two years, do you want more of the same. You need relationship confirmation, when you have been in a relationship with him for two years. He has not asked you to be his girlfriend because you have been his girlfriend for the last two years, if you are tired of him, move on and find someone else...

    • I did enjoy the 2 years....for the good times. The bad times were also pretty bad. I forgot to mention that we were really good friends before we started dating. So I guess that's what's making it complicated. Because I feel like if I leave this "relationship" or whatever this is, I'm going to lose him as a friend as well. But thanks for the advice

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  • nope you need to leave him most likely ur a sideline chick just a bootie call you ned to leave him hii is playing with your emotions I'm sorii to say this but if hii wanted you hii wouldve been made a move find someone else that shares the same feeling you do