Would you ever enter your young daughter (or allow someone else to enter her) in a beauty pageant?

If you answered yes then what do you think your daughter would gain from being in a beauty pageant? If you answered no then why not?


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  • No I would not. I'm about to have a daughter and the last thing I want to do is teach her that materialistic things (looks, clothes, make-up) are the most important things. My mom taught me that even if you buy your clothes from goodwill you are still the same amazing person you would be if you bought designer clothes. Yeah, I don't buy my clothes from goodwill now but I'm not worried about whether my clothes say Hollister or Aero on them like most girls. I hope my daughter will be the same way as myself.

    I believe that beauty pageants show young girls that they need to do the same things as those girls to win in life. That they must be "beautiful, skinny, and sexy" to win. Also, I think putting make-up and all that on a toddler or little girl is just ridiculous. Little girls should be going to school, learning, and playing not showing off their looks to a bunch of people. Girls have their whole lives to be subconscious about those things, why start it so early in life?


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  • No. I don't think it's right to dress little girls up like they're dolls, with fake hair, make-up, and fake teeth, and parade them around. I don't want my daughter to grow up believing that her self worth is dependent on her physical appearance. I don't want her to have to worry that she's not pretty enough, thin enough, or wearing the nicest, most expensive dress. I'd much rather see her gain confidence by doing well in a spelling bee or a soccer match, or whatever it is she might enjoy doing (and not necessarily even winning at these things, but going out and having fun).

    Not to mention that I think the pagaent environment isn't very health and I wouldn't want to subject my daughter to crazy, pagaent parents. :P

  • if it's something that she wants to do, then she can try it out. I would then see how the first time goes and decide whether or not I will let her do more. I think she could gain confidence and more friends, but I would hate for her to become like this link

  • There are both pros and cons in my opinion. If she really wanted to do it and there was no problem doing it, than yes. But I would be concerned. The pros with it are scholarships and having confident and being more outgoing. The cons with it are having people judge you based on how they think girls and society should be in my opinion. It would really be up to her decision and also the economy *if I had enough money to pull it off and get everything that she would need for it*


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  • No. I don't think I would put my future kids in any sport or event that wasn't apart of a team.

    Beauty pagants are the worst. In the tv shows its always the parent that is pushing them to be perfect. That's to much pressure on our young ones. They are suppose to be innocent at that age.

    Self esteem in kids are already an issue. At least if I put them through team sports, if they lose they lost as a team and the little one has nothing to feel bad about, because it's all suppose to be fun for them.