Vices of men?

girls: would you like a guy who gambles and drinks a lot? what if lately in your'll discover that he does...? what will you do?

boys: what if your girlfriend will ask you to stop your vices? put yourself on the shoes of someone who gambles and drinks?

It really wasn't a problem when we started...i even laugh at him when he looses in his gambling and even drink with him til we both get drunk a lot...but it's been 3 months that he doesn't seem to be able to control it...he does it always...
i really think...boys seem me as a looser...ryt?


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  • If she disapproves of what I do she shouldn't have become my girlfriend in the first place. "Stop my vices", wow, who is she to judge.

    The true vice here is getting into relationships with the intent to change your partner.

    • So...then, I'm the one who doesn't deserve someone like him? I love him...but its way too much than you think...well, if your my man...then I bet you'll even be the one to break up with my understanding right?


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  • I don't like drinking, I quit smoking, gambling bores me, drugs are way too expensive, and cheating repulses me; I don't have a vice in me. Even though I don't mind any of the vices (except cheating) in any of my partners, I refuse to date an addict.

  • well I could live without drinking but lets leave the bong out of this.


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  • It depends how often he does it and if he lies about it. How much is drinking a lot like? Guys can gamble as long as they no wen to stop and are financially in control then its only a bit of fun. I would say the only person who can answer this is you. If you feel uncomfortable about it, that it does it too often and so on confront him about it. If its a problem he has you may get help .Otherwise you got to make your decision...

    • Yes, he lies a lot about it...he'll say that he's just watching tv...wen the truth is he's out gambling then drink after...and drinking a lot means 2 days straight of pure drinking and won't even eat...!

    • Then you have to talk 2 him about it men lie 2 protect their other halves ,he probably thinks there's nothing wrong with what he's doing and that your over reacting so he's lying to keep you happy but this looks like your heading towards a train wreck ,I would talk to him lay it out on the table that your not happy with it and him lying about it. If he loves you he'l make a change if not you have to decide wether you can live with it or not. Its not your problem, he's the only one that can fix it