Is it okay to look in his MySpace/ Facebook/ e-mail?

we have been together for 4 years, we each have a 6 year old daughter. I found a pic of one of his female friends topless in his phone. I also found emails of him trying to meet women for sex. I broke up with him less than 3 weeks ago and we got together. he has told females we were together and how I check his stuff. am I wrong for being worried. he has all my passwords and can look in my phone when ever he want. I just am kinda stuck


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  • If I was him, and you were back together, I wouldn't mind if you went through all my stuff..


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  • Your STUCK why ? Because your LETTING yourself be ? Or Because you LOVE him so much? Thing is people only do what we ALLOW so if you don't TEACH a man how to treat you he'll NEVER learn. I understand you two have history and there' s a child INVOLVED , but ONE DAY your DAUGHTER is going to be a woman do you want her going through life thinking this is HOW she's suppose to be treated ? Regardless if you CHECK his MYSPACE/FACEBOOK or anything else if he WANTS to cheat he WILL. This man has NO respect for you and UNTIL you finally DECIDE you've had enough he's going to DRAG you through the MUD. I don't know your SITUATION maybe he is all the family you have , BUT there is HELP to be found . . . You just have to want it.