Men with facial hair?

I love guys with beards! Just wondering what the consensus is on this website?

  • Vote A Like facial hair
  • Vote B Love facial hair
  • Vote C Hate facial hair
  • Vote D Don't care either way
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Wow, so it's pretty close between hating facial hair and not really caring! Who'd have thought it!


Most Helpful Guy

  • I'm a guy, so here's what I've done. People may laugh, but I've actually done a little informal poll in my life, as I am torn between the goatee, and the stubble.

    I've found that women over the age of 35 and up LOVE the goatee. I've gotten actual compliments, and I don't get compliments. I'm an entertainer; two of these women DEMANDED that I keep the goatee for work, and they were hiring me, so I went ahead with it.

    Women/girls UNDER 30 HATE the goatee with a passion.

    The issues with either one.

    1) I am not an attractive guy, so goatee or not, girls don't want me either way. Now this means that on the one hand, I am free to do whatever I want fashion wise as it won't matter one bit. However, I AM attracted to the women under 30, generally speaking, so I'd rather look more clean cut there.

    2) Personally in this case, I prefer to keep my stubbled look. Sometimes I hate the goatee, sometimes I like it. Especially when it can be such a pain to shave, as the razor grabs and yanks the hair.

    3) However, if I'm getting hired because I look more like the role or character I'm portraying, then I'll keep it. Especially if I get more jobs because I look better with it. I don't know why it makes a difference, but apparently I'm told it does. And since the women HIRING me (these corporate women who are over 40) tend to like it, well. whatever makes the money. Now, I'm not attracted to the 40 and over crowd, so in a way, I could care less, and it's still a personal decision. One way or another, it's going to disappoint someone.

    I suppose it will always be a fight between shaving or not shaving / loving or hating the goatee. Hopefully if I ever attract someone, she'll have to tolerate both the shaven and unshaven look.

    Several of my friends have to grow their hair and beards, and their wives/ girlfriends hate it, but it's for work, so. I suppose I'm in with that crowd now.

    Oh, and I answered from my own perspective as what I like on me personally; keep in mind it may change any day.