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What are the main things a man looks for in a woman?

Besides looks, lets say you already find that person attractive, what other qualities are you looking for that will really make you fall head over... Show More

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  • Humor:

    It's impossible to not making me laugh. I have a retarded sense of humor, and laugh at practically anything. However, of all the girls I've ever met (quite a few), only ONE of them ever tries making me laugh. It's like, she's the only girl I know who actually bothers making me laugh or smile! And this is something that actually gets on my nerves. If after a while I notice the girl doesn't even TRY making me smile, I give up immediately. It doesn't matter if she's not hilarious or anything, just as long as she TRIES to make me smile. :/


    This one isn't really important to me. If she's got other qualities besides confidence, I don't mind if she chooses to rely on me sometimes.

    Playing Games:

    Definitely something I don't want in a relationship. I am not a toy, let alone an experiment. If she wants to play games she can go find someone else, which is what I'll be doing. I know a lot of girls play games and test guys... but as far as I'm concerned, I see that as being a huge problem with them and it's just something that will prevent them from ever having a chance with me.


    I don't really mind. As long as she SHOWS she likes me, cares about me, and wants to be with me, I don't mind if she never compliments. But yeah, I do like it when she does it.

    Also one other very important thing I look for in a woman, is determination. I want a girl who won't just give up on me as soon as things start going badly. I want someone who will tell me if I'm doing something wrong, so I can try working on it, rather than simply finding somebody else.

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