What should I say to him?

Anyway so there's this guy I've liked for a while and a few days ago we started flirting more than usual and later we admitted that we both like each other. Everything was good until 3 days after that and now whenever I sign on msn it seems like he goes on away. He said he was going to call me during fireworks last night but he never did. I don't think I did or said anything to make him act like this.

What should I say to him? I really want to say something since I'm leaving for a week tomorrow morning and just want to know where I stand. But I don't want to sound all clingy and obsessive and scare him away.


Ps. we're both sixteen :)


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  • Just tell him ur leaving you shouldn't have to tell him anything else and if he does like you he'll tell you something more.


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  • I would just let him do his thing. You know that he likes you and you need to let him do the chasing. Some guys at that age don't have a clue how to treat ladies, they are too young and inexperienced when it comes to romance. Something may have come up last night that made him unable to call or he might have been around his friends and was too shy to call when they are around. Guys will give each other crap about talking to girls on the phone when they are around each other especially when he is only 16. Try not to think about it too much, before you know it he will be contacting you some how. Hang in there.

  • I think that he just needs time for you to sink in. When he is ready he will tell you, unless he is a really shy guy.

  • Well, honestly, it doesn't sounds like things are very serious yet, so you really don't have to say anything to him about going away for a week, especially since he told you he was going to call and did not. I would wait and see if he calls you or IM's you, but if he doesn't, I would be careful to not chase after him, because it is his turn to get in touch with you if he is interested. At any rate, don't let this guy know that his behavior is bothering you. At any rate, if he does call you and does not have a good excuse for not calling you, you should probably play hard to get a bit, but not too much! Ok, good luck! :)


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