Do boys like make up, or no make up?

So, I've always wondered this, do boys like girls who wear make up? I mean I wear a little tiny bit of eyeliner and sometimes mascara, but nothing else. Sometimes I'll hear boys say "she's wearing to much make up" I mean,I've had boyfriends who didn't even notice the make up, and some who didn't like it. So, can someone help me out? I mean, I never really see any guys hit on girls who don't wear make up. So, uhh, WTF is going on in your mind?


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  • I only like a little tiny bit just like you said.

    When I look at a girl with a little bit of make-up I experience a positive feeling. At that moment I am not rationally thinking why I'm feeling that. If I had to psychoanalyze myself, I'd say it's like she accentuates her best features and it catches my attention.

    When I look at a girl with a bunch of make-up I experience a negative feeling. It's like she's trying to paint a fake face with which she's trying to hide something.

    There are men who like fake, though. I don't know why, maybe 'cause fake means desperate and desperate means easy and easy means sex.


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  • Whatever you feel comfortable with is the way you should be. Most guys prefer a little bit of makeup. Not too much because that way it will be impossible to see your natural look.

  • hey you should be comfortable with what you got on to be honest you should give a %$#@ about what guys think lol

    some guys like girls without make up some guys like them with

    stop worrying so much relax

    you sound desperate sorry to say


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  • one of my best friends, who is a boy, and I were talking about this same thing. he said a lot of guys don't like heavy make up but rather make up that looks natural. my guy friend prefers no make up to just a little make up, just enough to enhance certain characteristics. for example, he says he likes just a little of black around my eyes not too much just enough to make my blue eyes noticeable. he once told me "don't wear a lot of make up it covers your true beauty." and he didn't mean that just to me rather to all girls.