I'm thinking of taking my gauges out and shrinking them.

Now, I'm not looking for people with prejudices against gauges, because I obviously already have them.

Keep in mind, I'm 16, and I have 1/2" gauges.

I really want to wear pearls! I want to be able to wear earrings that look sophisticated and cute, and I want to be taken seriously. But I love my gauges. I love everything about them, and they've never given me any trouble. See, I worry about taking them out because it's been so many years, and I can't remember if I even like having regular earrings on me. Also, I worry that none of my other ear piercings will look remotely nice on me without the gauges. I guess I'm just afraid that pearls, a conch, an industrial, and other miscellaneous piercings will look so weird together on me.

Any sort of positive input is appreciated. (:


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  • If you want to look sophisticated, you should probably get rid of most of the other piercings as well.

    • It's not so much that I want to "look" sophisticated, it's more so that I love the sophisticated feel of pearls. But I love my other piercings as well.


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  • Growing your hair in a certain way could be an option. Grow your hair long enough to cover your ears, but not earrings. So when you wanna get all classy and wear pearls and stuff, wear your hair that way, and pop them in. And if you wanna wear your gauges, lah-de-dah, make it so that you can see it.

    Otherwise, I dunno. Shrink it down to 2mm and just hand earrings in it when you want to wear earrings?


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  • if you are wanting to permanently "un-stretch" your ears, get a thin razor, and very lightly make small incisions to the inside of the lobe, use an anti bacterial cream on them, and lots of vitamin E oil, and your ears will heal back. there will hardly be any evidence of you ever having gauges. I hope this helps!