Do you hot women ever give average looking guys a chance and date them?

Also have you ever laughed at an unattractive guy in front of him when he asked you out?


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  • Yeah of course you can, but the key is to be different, don't comment on her looks, she hears that every day, and you're just the millionth guy who says 'you are beautiful'. You have to be different, and you have huge competition. This is one case, you'll have a harder time dealing with someone like this. HOWEVER, there is a different type...some out- of- the- ordinary attractive girls DON'T get guys coming up to them because they are way too intimidating. The truth is, people make assumptions/have prejudiced ideas about your inner self if you're very pretty. If you can get the courage to go up to a woman like that, you'll be amazed how appreciated your attempts will be.


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  • No, because "attractive" people are the only people that ever get dates.

    However, looks are not even close to the only thing that makes someone "attractive." Attractive means you attract people, making charisma, confidence, and sense of humor much more important.

    I would never laugh at a guy I found unattractive, though, and if a girl ever does that she's less than the scum of the earth.

  • Honestly, we all know that appearance matters

    So, lets say you saw this girl link and assuming that you found her attractive, decided to approach her and ask her out.

    Now, lets say that this guy is you link an average looking guy in my opinion. Not that hot, but not that ugly

    Would you get the girl above? Probably not

    Would you get the girl above if you were a billionaire? Probably (Just speaking the truth we all know but rarely like to admit)

    But if you were to approach this girl link would you get her? She's hot, she's cute, not as hot as the first girl, but you just might get her if you had the right approach

    In conclusion ---

    I find it extremely funny that you're an average looking guy and you're only looking for hot girls. If the hot girl were to turn you down, you would probably call her shallow and materialistic and not worthy of your time. When in reality, you yourself are just as shallow going for her based on her appearance alone and nothing more.

    • Just noticed my last 2 links do not work, so just use your imagination based on what I wrote

    • I never said I only go for hot women. I wouldn't call the girl shallow if she turned me down. Its the fact that it seems like there isn't 1 hot woman that would go out with me. That's why I'm so angry. I'm not as shallow as I used to be. I'm willing to settle for a woman like Cassadee Pope and she ain't much to look at.

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  • Of course they do. You can go almost ANYWHERE and see a drop dead gorgeous woman with someone who looks like they used to be a branch from the ugly tree. The same thing can go for attractive guys dating a not so good looking woman.

  • I think it's a matter of perception. You may think you are unattractive or average looking guy, but a girl might think the opposite about you.