Guys, does being goth affect your oppinion?

If a girl is goth does it turn you off or creep you out ? What do dudes think when they see a goth chick?


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  • Depends how she looks. Right now I'm envisioning a sexy gothic chic with sexy boots with a short black skirt and looks like she would tear me up in bed with her great body and use her piercings for great use.

    So I guess I think dark, sexual, maybe S&M. bahaha

    • Very sexy very short skirts but I'm still looking for cool boots I can't find them any where ):


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  • Goth women are great. they are not dark or evil not all of them atleast. I like goth women just as much as any other women but I seem to be drawn towards the darker woman because they are unpredictable, nothing is ever the same and its a rush to be honest

  • I personally think goths are sexy, in tems of the clothes they wear and stuff like that, and their usually more open aswell (=

  • i just won't take her seriously. I find people that have an image or a think you can call it a style kinda lame. I'm more practical.

    • No offence but it's not an image it's a subculture it's the stupid hot topic scene fags that are an image not goth

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    • Also you didn't spell opinion correct so by your logic were equally stupid.

    • Your right thanks for your oppinion and you can't hold my spelling against me I don't deniey I'm not expcialy smart

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