Is there something wrong with just wearing a T-Shirt?


I was wearing a simple white t shirt, dark olive drab cargo shorts, and brown sneaks when I was hanging out with my best friend and his girlfriend and I forgot how it came up but she said she disliked how I dress.

I asked her "why?" and she said she just doesn't like it when guys wear just T-shirts. Her boyfriend my best friend confirmed it.

Me and her always get along great so it's not like she's mean to me or anything but I'd be lying if I said that didn't hurt my feelings a bit, lol.

So girls and guys. Mainly girls. Is there something wrong with just wearing a t-shirt?


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  • no, nothing wrong with that at all. I prefer guys with a more "simplistic" style anyway. I don't want my guy to be dressing up just to go to the mall or somewhere to hang out. White T-shirts are classic, they will never go out of style. Lol


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  • I see NOTHING wrong with your description of what you were wearing. Especially just for hanging out. It's not like you were dressed totally inappropriately for the occasion or anything.

    Think about it this way: What does she prefer guys to wear instead? Also, is she the kind of girl who gets all kinds of dressed up, no matter what the occasion?

    If so, she has a higher standard for herself as far as dress goes, so she probably also holds those around her to a similar higher standard. A girl who is [and dresses] more casual is less likely to care.

    And if not, just think of it as one girl's opinion. Don't take it personally. Maybe it's one of her pet peeves. Not about you in particular, but guys in general. Maybe she just thinks tshirts are boring if that's all a guy ever wears. I don't mind tshirts, but to a point I can see what she's saying. Girls tend to switch up their look more from day to day, so I can see where it might be boring to her for guys to be so much more consistent.

  • theres definitely NOTHING with white tees. actually I remember a time when whites were in and everybody only wore white tees. you know like when that song came out " yep! in my white tee! yep in my white teeee!" lol well anyways...everyone is entitled to their plain days. gosh how awful would it be to always have to be wearing something like stylish. I mean honestly I wouldn't care if a guy wore white tees all the time really (unless it was a special occasion or something) because I can go weeks in just sweatpants carefree :)

  • No way. It doesn't make you look AS nice, but it's perfectly fine. I wouldn't want some freak who thought he had to wear a button-down just to hang out! lol


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  • No

  • who gives a f***? ill wear white t's and jeans all day