How come the moderators delete some questions about people's looks and then other times they don't get deleted?

Like sometimes if people ask if they look OK in an outfit the question remains and other times a question that is almost the same as that can get deleted?

Also sometimes questions people ask about a certain feature on them or about their face and looks etc gets deleted and then other times they don't get deleted?

But most questions people ask about how they look etc seem to get deleted.

It's a bit confusing sometimes what is an acceptable question and what isn't : s


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  • Thank you for your posting!

    You should have received an email with a general explanation as to why your posting was removed. If you would like further details, please forward the email that we sent to you, and I will provide you with specific information regarding the decision to remove the posting.

    In general, postings regarding looks should be placed in the "Reality Check" feature of the site. If there are other questions in the posting, or it is more detailed and related to dating/relationships, we may leave the posting as is.


    LondonPrincess Team


    • But maybe! if you neveer even read the questions being asked.. they cannot be put in the reality check feature!!!! they only ask three questions in the reality check feature anyways.


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  • its happened to me 3 times

  • hmm idk. there is probably more than 1 person who does it so it probably just depends on who deletes you and what time they're on and if that person saw you or not. oh and actual mods don't delete questions, administrators of the site have to. mods just delete answers and comments if they are against the site rules


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  • Because they're kinda gay.

  • It may be because some questions get reported and others do not.