What do guys think a "fat girl" is?

what makes a girl fat to you?

is it unattractive or do you not mind?

for a relationships or one night stands.


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  • If you're asking if you are fat.. you aren't. (I say that because most girls ask that at some point). Fat to me is- not being able to move around easily. This is America, fattest nation in the world. But, no one is really fully accepting of it. Everything seems to be about looks, especially at a younger age. These reality TV show's that get off-the-chart ratings feature super hot people that everyone thinks they should look like, and should deserve/look for in a partner. Personality is everything, but is mainly overlooked. Most people don't realize that normally people have difficulty keeping thin as they get older. Stress like- jobs, spouses, children, etc. All take a toll. I even heard a girl this past weekend say she wanted kids, but wouldn't have them because she wants to keep her figure. One-night stands are far too common today as well. Guys want to get their numbers up and just do whatever talks to them. What happened to real relationships? The high school sweethearts who stay together? Doesn't happen anymore. Money, looks, social status are all priority over love it seems.


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  • I like larger frame women (Don't like the skinny type). I think that the issue for me is whether the girl is at an unheathy weight. If a person is 50 pounds overweight, losing 10 or 20 pounds can make a difference.


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  • Im a 'bigger girl', and I tell you now, I've never ever had problems attracting men. I've had several successful longtern relationships and I'm currently dating a lovely guy (who is actually skinny and very attractive). I always make an effort with my appearance, I wear nice clothes, have good hygiene and wear my hair and makeup nice. I am extremely confident (although not wierd) which is something that men LOVE. I'm no dating guru, far from it but I thought Id answer your question to let you know that there are men out there who love the bigger woman, and you don't have to be a skinny barbie to have a loving relationship.

    Ive also had a fair few one night stands (which I now regret, I wouldn't reccomend it) and tbh, most men really aren't bothered what they pick up if they only want the one thing. You'll destroy your confidence if you only have one night stands because the guy will most probably drop you in the morning and won't want to know.

    Also, when attracting men, desperation is blatently obvious. men love the chase so if you're mysterious and don't give it all away at once, then he will find you all the more sexy, whatever your size. Wait for him to text you first etc etc.

    I hope this helped! Jess xx