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OK lol, I know this question has been asked a lot .. short or long hair? .. I really am confused I've got an oval face Shape :D..i want to cut my hair because it looks " better " on me .. it shows my face more ! long hair just hides it, but I think short hair isn't " beautiful " as long hair is (; so what do you think I should go for? , my face looking better ! or my hair staying really beautiful ?

link a link to the hair cut I want :D


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  • I know it's a pain but stay with the long hair.


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  • Girls always say long or short. They forget about medium length.(Shoulder length.) Which a lot of guys like.

    • Yea but it really bores me !!

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  • yea I've read plenty of magazines, and asked guys...but they like the long hair because its femine to them and they like grabbing it...its sexy! lol but I think you should do what looks good on you because you'll be more comfortable and confident :) Don't worry about it...theres celebrities out there that have short hair and it looks great and they still get the guys! lol

    • Thats a very cute hair....i think guys will find it cute and sexy! :) go for it!