How to tell a girl that she is pretty?

So I have been friends with this girl for over two years and I saw her today and she looked really pretty. We text each other almost every day and I want to tell her that she was really pretty the other day. I just don't want it to seem really awkward. We are friends and I would like to at least stay friends if not more than that. Any advice on telling her how she is pretty without seeming awkward (will it seem awkward if I don't ask her out after that or will she just take it as a compliment?)


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    first start a conversation with her, since you text her like everyday.

    and then try to fit in the conversation saying "oh by the way, you looked pretty the other day, like always" or something like that so she can focus her attention on you. try flirting with her like that, if you really want to go out with her.

    OKAY, do NOTT ask her out over text. I hate it when guys do that, its so MUCH BETTER to do it in person. that makes it more special.

    well I hope everything works out, and you take my advice (:<3


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  • If you have been friends with her for that long say what you want to about how you think she looked. Two years of friendship deserves a free pass on an awkward statement if you do end up saying something "weird". You don't' have to ask her out after, but beware once you do you are no longer in the friendship zone.

  • when you see her just say something like "you look really pretty today, but then again, you always do." or something like that, that way its casual, but still nice :)

    • Thanks, but is it bad to text her if I don't see her often?

    • Well, I guess that wouldn't really work, because your not actually seeing her...

  • Just send her a text saying she looked good the other day, me and my girl friends compliment each other all the time and its not awkward, and it should feel the same as that.

    Most likely she won't even think its awkward unless you make it out to be.

  • That's totally cool just tell her my friends tell me all the time and it's not like they like me in another way just friends...

  • When you see her-and you think she looks good- say something like "you look nice". Depending on how bold you are- you could also be upfront and say it. Either way- don't do it over text, say it in the moment, those are the most genuine compliments.


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  • Guys have answered yet? Maybe the plain, direct and sincere advice is out of fashion but that's still my style. Just tell her nicely like its no big deal. because it is no big deal.