Tattoos. Would You Hold It Against Him?

I've been considering getting a tattoo for the past couple of years, and I haven't really gone and done anything about it; I still intend to, but it's just a matter of when.

Now I know that when getting a tattoo, it shouldn't really matter what other people think, and you should do what you think is right. But having said that, I was just curious as to whether you would hold body ink against someone, i.e. like a deal breaker type thing.


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  • If it's small and classy I wouldn't mind. But if it took over your entire body part, then no


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  • Personally...if it was huge and looked kinda scary and cult-like, I'm be turned off. Anything that would make you look like you're in a gang or something. No offense to anyone who has a tattoo like that but it's just my preferences. If it's small and doesn't say anything offensive, then I think it's fine. Just don't make it your ex's name :P

  • i personally think its not a big deal.

    a very few small # are against it adn think its "dirty".

    But I think its our own right but you know people like to meddle and give opinions they have no right to give.


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