Do you think this sound kool ?

Ok my friends and I want to do a thing called cosplay. If you don't know what it is its a thing were you can dress up as any anime or any movie characters and go to things and meet people that do the same thing as u. But any way I don't know how my parents will take it and they thing that it will be a faze I'm going through but that's what I want to do with my friends and we love anime a lot. But my parents don't understand so this is my plane is to go behind there back and do the things I like to do and pay for my things and that's that's or should I go and tell them about and see what thy think about it


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  • I know people who are into cosplay. I don't think it's a big deal. Dressing like anime characters on a daily basis might be a bit much, but if it's to go to a convention or something like that, who cares? People dress up for Halloween, so I don't see why cosplay should be looked down upon.

    • Were not going to do that ( we want to but we cant) but see I would love to do this because it looks fun and I love anime so much and it would be something I would want to do just get some fun in my life because my life is no fun because of school and they don't get it

    • I think everyone has at least one random hobby, especially when they're young, and I'm sure your parents are no exception. Maybe if you explain it to them like that, they'll understand. Besides, there are worse things you could be doing.

    • Ik thanks you but my parents ur so mean its not funny so I might just do what ever I want I'm getting a job so it won't that bad then because if I make a lot of money I can do this


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  • I remember my anime phase =] If you guys like doing it then don't think about what other people think about it.

    • Thats what we said but my friends parents are ook with my friend doing it but mine are omg it kills me

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  • If you go behind their backs to do it, you'll probably get in trouble when you're caught. They just might not understand what cosplay really is. If you explain it to them and tell them that you're paying for your own costumes, they'll probably let you go to a convention or something.

    • Yea its for me to be happy because they don't understand I do thing to make them happy but not for me and it not making me happy. of course I would ask them to buy things for me but I would pay for it.