Is sexy and cute a good combo? Also, what would you guys think of a sexy/cute girl? What would you consider sexy? What would you consider cute?


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  • Both sexy and cute sounds great!

    A girl who's sexy has a certain graceful and feminine way of being. She's sensual, feminine, she dresses like a lady and is classy and sophisticated, but at the same time fun to be around, smart and charming. She's very physically attractive, with beautiful eyes, soft skin, nice curves and nice hair.

    A girl who's cute, is also feminine and pretty, but is also more innocent, sweet, loving, gentle and likes to smile and make others smile. She has big bright eyes, a warm smile and she's usually petite and looks young and girly.


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  • for me sexy is something that is solely based on looks, cute is based on looks but more on personality also I particular find when I refer to a girl as sexy I just want to have sex with her, when I refer to girl as cute it means I want to date her has well so I guess sexy + cute is good


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  • according to He's just not that into you, you can't be both it's either sexy or cute, haha.