How do guys dress sexy?

Girls have it easy, you can just wear short skirt, see-through top, and so on. But how do a guy dress to turn girls on? Wife-beater and tight pants that show off your bulge?

Give me some tips =)


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  • A pair of jeans that shows off your butt and a nice shirt that suits the colour of your eyes, hair, and skin.

    By the way, we don't have it so easy because the outfit you described is a bit tarty. It's all about looking chic and sexy at the same time ;)


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  • Sexy doesn't always mean showing off everything on your body. It means keeping some things a secret.

    I always like seeing guys dress up in cute slacks with dress shirts and ties or vests. I rarely see guys wearing "nice" clothes. It's always jeans and t shirts. Although that can be sexy :p.

    • Oh, that's right. Guys wearing slacks and dress shirts is always sexy.

  • A plain white t-shirt fitted but not too tight were you look like your gonna bust out. A pair of washed denim jeans, they need to be tight in the ass & front loose on the legs. Also a pair of cowboy boots. I don't know why but when I see a guy wearing that its a MAJOR turn on! I guess since I'm a southern girl I like the look of a southern guy:)

  • I don't know why, but I find plain white or black v-neck t-shirts quite sexy. Khaki cargo shorts are also something I find sexy. Oh, and I like when guys where baseball caps.

    But that's just me.

  • for me what is really sexy on a guy, is a plain white t-shirt (not baggy so it shows of his body just a bit) with straight leg jeans but in a lighter colour denim, or a light blue button up shirt with the first few button undone (just showing a bit of chest) with dark blue jeans, verryy sexy:P


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