Going camping, so how to style my hair?

Me and my best friend are going camping for two weeks. My hair is slightly wavy, which I don't mind, it's just that my fring will not work if I can't dry and straighten it every day. I don't mind pulling it back sometimes, but what else can I do with it, since it suits me better when it's around my face and not pulled away?


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  • You could bring some mouse with you and use it when you wash your hair. Sometimes, it's not necessary if you use mousse to straighten your hair (which is much better to keep it healthy). If it's just slightly wavy, it should be easy to style it without any straightener.

    You could maybe twist it to the side or when you pull it back, use different hairpins, make some small cute braid, ... Just use different accessories, those can make quite a difference. And try out the mouse before you leave, so that your hair won't look strange if it doesn't work out well...


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  • if you have wavy hair make sure after you shower put it in 2 nice braids till it damp then use a texture paste it will give that surfer girl wavy hair, which is appropriate for the camping environment and in the same time look good on you and make you look laid back

  • You could bring mousse, gel, and hairspray and just "scrunch" your hair.

    About your fringe, just clip it into a little bump and it'll be out of your face but in a styled way.

    and you can french braid your hair, do a half up half down, or tie it up.

    I really like this style: link

  • Ummmm your going camping.camping is about relaxing and getting away from every day things and not giving a f*** what you look like.put it up every day,it makes it easier anyway.your camping,not looking for a date.

    • Okay, chill out. If you don't like my question, or you don't agree with what I'm asking, then I'd rather if you didn't answer at all. I'm looking for helpful and constructive answers,not bitchy comments, especially under anonymous.