My hair grows longer on one side of my head then the other... What do?

Title says it all, I love having long hair, but on the left side of my head it goes down to almost the bottom of my ear straight, thick and nice looking, while on the right side its less thick/shorter so it curls around my ear, which is particularly bad because I have somewhat protruding (sp?) ears, so it only goes to about halfway down my ear, and looks pretty damn stupid. I'm 16 if that helps at all. Any advice would be awesome

Yeah I just got back from my hairdresser, and I'm now pretty sure that its just him. Thanks for the help anyways guys


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  • When you tend to sleep on the same side of your body at night, you get more blood flow to that side. So I am assuming you sleep on your left side. Try switching positions for a long period of time (say 2 months and see if that changes it) Also, do you go to the same hair dresser? Most right handed hair dressers tend to drop their shoulders (left shoulder) when cutting the left side, eventually leaving it longer (this is naked to the eye but if she's cross-checking her work she would easily see the difference) Hope these help!


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  • Try changing the part of your hair slightly. Brush some of the nice left-side hair onto the right side. It's only a temp. fix though.

  • i suggest changing your part, I had the same thing till I changed mine


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