Trouble attracting men?

I am 27 and single, I have blond hair, a larger bust than most and am about an average weight. I have clear skin, dark brown eyes. I like dressing feminine you could say. I am a bit shy but sweet, caring. Probably more introverted but not extremely. Anyway the problem is I ONLY seem to attract old men! I mean over 45 years old. The only other people who find me attractive are women who always say you're so pretty why don't you have a boyfriend?! Men who are around the age I'm looking for (27 to 35 ish) don't seem to ever give me a second glance but older men follow me around and stop and stare constantly, all me friends comment on this all the time. do you know anything I might be doing wrong that would only attract older men?


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  • You are probably one of a few things, Mademoiselle:

    1. Very mature and put together for your age

    2. Highly intelligent or engaged professionally in what you do

    3. and/or very exotic looking, intimidating perhaps?

    From what you write, younger men may feel like they are either no match for you, or they may be intimidated by some aspect of your sex appeal. Without seeing a photo, that would be hard to judge.

    I can tell you this: Attracting older men at your age is not necessarily a good thing. Keep in mind a 45 year old man is most likely more established than a younger man. I am 38, and all I can say is that I am glad I am not 28 - LOL - At my age, and older, there are few games, more direct communication.

    I would take this as a compliment. You could always try going after younger men that fit the description above... you might be pleasantly surprised to learn they are out there.


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  • Maybe you come off as older and more mature than other 27 year-olds?

  • I'm not sure what the problem is but you sound attractive to me. I'm 30.

  • just because older guy are attract dose not mean that they what to take you to bed it may be that the older guy think you are a good looking woman and if you can,t find some one your age you my what to think about dating an older guy like in he's mid to lat 30,s or even 40 think about that you are going to be in your 30 be for long and older guy have they life all work out and have the money that younger guy just don,t have at this point because they are just starting off in the job market and older guy don,t have time for all the kid,s games that younger guy play with girl they age older guy have been there and dune all that BS win they were younger you my think it a little weird dating some one that 10 to 15 years older than you but you just my find out that he just not in it for just the sex the older guy in it to be with you and not just head games


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  • Do you know why only older guys show interest in you?

    Because they're old. And to them, you're "young tail". You represent a chance for them to feel young and studly again. So they don't care about the emotional aspect of you being quiet, and that's why they openly express their interest in you.

    But for guys your age, that same dynamic doesn't apply. More importantly, guys have feelings. The old guys don't care, because they're not looking at you as someone they want anything emotional with. But guys your age do care. And the reason they're not noticing you or showing any interest in you, is simply because you're shy and quiet.

    Nobody, guy or girl, wants to feel like they're putting in nearly (or actually) all the effort into forming a new relationship. To do that is to feel like the other person isn't interested in you. Like you're "forcing" the other person to interact with you against his or her will. It's emotionally much safer for guys your age to just interact and show their interest to a girl that is less shy and quiet.

    I'm not ugly, but looks alone don't do sh*t. Jesus, I never just sat there and did nothing, waiting for the guy to magically approach me like life is some Disney movie. You have to do something and say something too. You have to be proactive. Otherwise, what else besides the way you look is the guy who's initially approaching you attracted to? Nothing. So you're starting off with a very toxic pool of contenders from the begining that way.

    Guys need an excuse to interact with you too. The guys that don't need to feel comfortable, are that way because they don't feel nervous. And the reason they don't feel nervous is because they just want to have sex. Guy that want more, feel nervous. And if the girl doesn't do or say anything to create a more comfortable environment for him; he's not an idiot; he's just going to not show any interest and move on.

    So that's what you're doing wrong more than anything else. It's not so much the way you look or dress or anything. But it is the lack of doing or talking that creating this situation for you.

    • you are full of sh*t woman in there mid to late 20 a lot of them like older guy because older guy don,t play head games and are all read have good job and have the money that younger guy just don,t have yet and older guy don,t date younger woman just because they look reel good on they arm and trying to be young one more time so think about that one and not all older guy are in to younger woman

    • Says the older guy, (totally unbiased source) lol

  • I'd take advantage of it, and find me a sugar daddy : )

  • Most guys that are in your age range are married, that might be your problem. The older men are probably divorced and looking