If a guy hated "the chase", would he be less attractive to you?

I can't stand game-playing and the chase and all. I get zero enjoyment out of it. I get the feeling that a lot of girls try so hard to "get chased" that when they come across a guy like me, I'm less attractive because I won't chase them if they make me.

So girls, if a guy doesn't chase you and play games, would he be less attractive to you because of it?


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  • the small little cute flirts are okay such as if you ask a girl on a date and she gives you that flirtashis smile and says I'll let you know, that's so small it shouldn't be a problem but the big ones such as asking a girl on a date and her saying blow off that's just uncalled for and isn't worth it...but sometimes playing around just a tad bit should annoy you it keeps it interesting and I don't think game play has anything to do with the attraction!


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  • No because I would feel less pressured and I would feel more comfortable around him if he didn't try to chase me. I think it kinda creepy. I wouldn't want him to play games, its childish and he should be actin like a man.

  • I do not like guys that play games. I'm pretty straigh-forward and I like the same. As for the chase...that's ridiculous. Maybe when you're 5 years old its OK, but I'd rather cut THROUGH the chase and either start something or leave it be.

  • yeah he would because I am not the kind of girl that makes myself easy to be caught. I won't be asking you out, or none of that jazz so if that's the kind of girl he's looking for we wouldn't be compatible. I am worth working for and if a guy doesn't wanna do that then he is less attractive in my eyes

  • Yes, it indicates that he's not willing to work for anything. L-A-Z-Y is never a good trait.


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