I know it's said that looks don't matter too much and all that, but face feature wise, ladies, what do you look for to identify an attractive guy ?


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  • Looks do matter, there has to be SOME attraction. I can say though that for me there are guys I didn't find all that attractive when I met them and had personalities that somehow made them waaaay more attractive (humour/easygoing/intelligent= wicked sick :) ).

    Checking guys out on the street or some such though is a different matter lad :P I like guys with dark hair (scruffy, curly, wavy is best), very very few gingers and even less blondes. Broad shoulders are ace, height doesn't bother me as long as they are taller than me, eye colour doesn't bother me. Their smile is important and dimples ... :3


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  • To be honest I like all types of men. I love lighter eye colors - light brown, hazel, blue, green, grey - framed by long, straight, dark lashes. I like it if a guy is at least an inch or two taller than me (so 5'4" and taller) so I can wear heels and dance with them. I like gentleman - hold the door, lead me to the car, open the car door, close the car door, pull out my seat, etc. I'm not the biggest fan of dirty-blonde hair or super blond hair, just normal blond hair. I don't like a super buff guy, just toned and dresses nicely (khaki skinny jeans, nice belt, nice button-up shirt). Hygiene and confidence are key

  • oh no looks do matter. but it depends on the girl. My Ideal guy has blond spikey hair, green eyes, a little bit of scruff, tall, and ripped. However the love of my life has dark hair, brown eyes, a little scruff, tall, and wormy as they come, but damn I would jump his bones every night of the weeek if I could. so attractions vary(and change).

  • dark hair, oh hmm I like red heads too

    blue or grey eyes

    tall or at least taller than me

    i like em thin I'm not into muscles :PP

    im really into peircing so umm yahh

    thats about it ha ha :DD


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