Hot men and ugly women?

So we see all the time, hot chicks with not so attractive me. Like Paulina Poriskova and Rick Ocassic (singer of the Cars)

and there are tons others.

What about really really hot men, with not so attractive or even just average women.


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  • I've seen really handsome guys marry XXXL girls with average faces (genuinely in love!)

    For the most part, I noticed that these girls are from the same background as the guy (for example, same religious group). I noticed that guy with pretty girl seem to ask less of the girl (doesn't mind a wife being stupid, needy, dependent, not having successful career, not having great social skill, not have high education, etc), but handsome guy with "ugly" girl ... their girls are generally at least their intellectual equal or is successful at what they do.

    I personally think its wiser to pick intelligence/personality over looks... cause everyone will get old and wrinkly at some point in time, looks fade, but intelligence and personality is there to stay.

    • I think what you said is definitely true. You see many women who may be incredibly gorgeous who don't think they are and therefore date "beneath" their looks. That and women are usually more picky about personality than men are.

      Hot men tend to be more cocky, and therefore demand more physically because they can.

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  • For the most part women are more focused on the emotions a man can give them through other things than their looks, men are very looks oriented but you do find good looking guys with ugly girls, after all, if all the good looking women are with the ugly guys...

  • The world does not revolve around appearance.

    • Best answer right here.

    • I personally agree with that for sure. The question is more just an observation.

  • I could care less about our "hot factors". I'd be happy if she thought I was hot though.

  • Why are you concerned? You're so pretty!

    • I wasn't asking for my sake, I was just asking in general.

  • there is that too. Josh Holloway and his wife.

    but I don't understand why is it weird to see that. Are not so attractive guys only supposed to date other not so attractive women? of course not. If a guy is not attractive and you see him with a hot chick, that means that he has an amazing personality, or an amazing (Whatever), there is an amazing part of him that caught the attention of that appreciative chick. and vice versa.

    hope I made sense.

    • Im not saying its weird at all. I'm just saying, sometimes you see these modelesque women with average or even straight up ugly men, and you think "well physically they could have any man they want." I know they probably have amazing personalities. You typically see the women who will forgo looks for a great personality with a maybe not so good looking guy.

      But you never see that with men.

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    • I'd like to add that many many times a pretty girl is with an ulgy guy not because the guy has such a great personality, but because the girl has low self-confidence. Just because someone looks pretty to you it doesn't mean they see themselves as pretty in the mirror. Many girls feel more secure about their relationship when their significant other isn't so handsome... less stress about competition, etc.

      So yes, handsome guy + ugly girl is also likely, whenever a guy has low self confidence.

    • Erm...I get told really often that my fbuddy is very ugly compared to me, but I don't see it that way. What you find ugly, may not be ugly for someone else. But most of the time, I think it's their skill in the bedroom. An attractive man isn't necessarily good in bed, same that an attractive girl isn't necessarily good in bed either. Many people choose sexual partners based on their skills. Although for me the guy still has to be attractive, otherwise I couldn't get aroused.

  • women goes for the personality, wealth, caring nature etc...they care less about the looks

    but men mostly go for the u'll rarely find such a couple...coz every hot man will want a girl hotter than him or at least as hot as him!...but if he doesn't get any such girl...then he might opt to be with ugly girl...but that's really rare case!


  • That ''ugly'' woman might be the prettiest girl he's ever known to him, it's personal preference, ''each to their own''.

    (oh and I just like point out also) Sometimes when people see a male and female together in street, they just assume they're a couple.

    • Well that's the thing though. You see these gorgeous women who you figure could get any man she wants and they end up being with someone who isn't the most attractive man ever.

      So then, the men, who are all muscled and model like, you would think they would be with other women who are in perfect shape and have model looks. But I still never see one of those men with an average looking girl.

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  • I actually see this pretty often. My best male friend is model category, but he tends to have average looking girlfriends.

  • This question does just reinforce my belief that most women are just B******! Its nothing to do with looks. It’s to do with love, what’s inside, if you have stuff in common with that person and if you’re actually able to have a conversation with them! This is a stupid question, FULL STOP!

    • Personally, I am all about personality. I a guy is hot with no personality he doesn't stand a chance.

      I was just making an observation. Sometimes you see women who are insanely gorgeous who could be as picky as they wanted to be because they could physically get any man they choose, and then they end up going for personality.

      You don't see the same with men though. Usually, I see more women who will forgo looks for personality than men who would forgo personality for looks.