Hot men and ugly women?

So we see all the time, hot chicks with not so attractive me. Like Paulina Poriskova and Rick Ocassic (singer of the Cars)

and there are tons others.

What about really really hot men, with not so attractive or even just average women.


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  • I've seen really handsome guys marry XXXL girls with average faces (genuinely in love!)

    For the most part, I noticed that these girls are from the same background as the guy (for example, same religious group). I noticed that guy with pretty girl seem to ask less of the girl (doesn't mind a wife being stupid, needy, dependent, not having successful career, not having great social skill, not have high education, etc), but handsome guy with "ugly" girl ... their girls are generally at least their intellectual equal or is successful at what they do.

    I personally think its wiser to pick intelligence/personality over looks... cause everyone will get old and wrinkly at some point in time, looks fade, but intelligence and personality is there to stay.

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      I think what you said is definitely true. You see many women who may be incredibly gorgeous who don't think they are and therefore date "beneath" their looks. That and women are usually more picky about personality than men are.

      Hot men tend to be more cocky, and therefore demand more physically because they can.