Makeup- sorry, your face just smudged?

why must girls find the need to heap the makeup on, when I do to hold your face my hands should not slide, and kisses should not taste like wax, its gross.

so, question for you girls, how do I tell her to dial down the makeup? she's amazing enough without it.


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  • Quick tips I used to tell my brother...

    when his girlfriend wore that lipstick he hated he always said "hey sweetie, I love that cherry chapstick you used to have, why don't you wear it often..taste good" ...that way she's not fully hurt by the rejection..

    since its summer..maybe ask her to go swimming with the water washes the make up away..and that's when you compliment on her true beauty...

    and just let her know how you feel..some of us doesn't know what you really want..and most of us will respect your decision and will listen to it..

    good luck ^-^


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  • Just tell her what you told us. Telling her that she's beautiful without makeup on is not going to offend her - it's a compliment.

  • WOW she is 26 and still piling it on? That's a little unusual I'd say.. Sounds like she might be a little insecure? Anyway.. just tell her she's beautiful WITHOUT all that on her face - that you appreciate NATURAL beauty... Yes, it is a compliment to tell her she's gorgeous WITHOUT IT. ;-)

  • All teen girls experiment with makeup. I had the most hideous eye shadow you ever saw but I thought I was WAY beyond cool... SO.. I would say to this lovely lady of yours... 'Sweetheart - You are gorgeous. I am so turned on by your natural beauty and would love to kiss your face all over - the natural dewy skin free of any makeup at all. Please do this for me - You are dropdead beautiful in your natural state..."

    • All teen girls, she's 26 XD its not apparent but its noticeable if you get as close as I do (so naturally only I know)

  • ive never worn makeup.

    I know your pain, can your want cause my boyfriend explained it to me once too, lol.

    no makeup means he can give my face more loving.

    Id say, just ask her why she wears it, and tell her its not necessary in your eyes and that you find her more beautiful without it.

  • Well, if one time you happen to watch her get ready, tell her " sweetie, you don't need to put on that much makeup. You are so beautiful without it."

    That should do the trick

  • take her swimming or some place where the makeup will either A) come off or B) she won't wear any to start with and then tell her that she looks pretty with makeup but is gorgeous without it


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  • HALALLUYA THANK YOU! some guy finally thinks the way I do, I hate makeup on a girl, it cringes to my very soul when I see girl wearing all that crap AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!