What's a good way to deal with heat rash?

I'll keep this short.

So I want to know, what's a good way to deal with heat rash? See it's summer and I like to wear skirts and dresses, and I look cute in them, but I have a problem sometimes where I would get a rash on my upper/inner thighs from all the heat and stuff. Does anybody have a suggestion for how I can fix this problem? How can I can I prevent this from happening? If I can't prevent it, how do I make it less intense, because sometimes it really hurts. Store products, home remedies, anything that can help.

Thank you all for your time.


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  • i think talc powder/ baby powder is the best :)

  • i have this same problem.my thighs chafe really bad and it fricking hurts! usually I will wear leggings or shorts underneath my dress...usually though I wear like maxi dresses and longer,flowier skirts. if your dresses and skirts are short though then I'd suggest trying the anti-chafing wipes and powders.they are in the feminie products section of the stores usually...i think its by vagisil.