Step mom dresses like a hoe?

My father married a girl younger than me from Peru. She is alright but she dresses like a complete hoochie. I am sorry she wears short short shorts where you can see most of her ass and short midriff shirts with cleavage popping out and now she wants a belly button ring. She wears these clothes everywhere but my dad says nothing. She can wear sexy without looking like a hoochie I feel embarrassed hanging with her when she dresses like that what to do?


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  • You really can't control what she wears. You could try taking her shopping like confused614 said, but otherwise you kind of have to learn to deal with it or avoid her. You could try to confront her about it and tell her she needs to dress with more decency or you don't want to be seen in public with her

    • I understand I can't control what she wears but you would think she would have a little self respect, she is 25.

    • Well, you would hope so, but obviously she doesn't, so what are you going to do, you know?


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  • Your age says your from 30 to 35? So I am guessing you don't live at home? I would say just deal with it when you are with her. Or you can take her shopping and convince her to try on less "hoe" like apparel. Maybe she will like them and dress differently.

    • I don't live at home but my dad and his wife live 3 blocks down so I see them often. I work at a childrens hospital and she tags along a lot in skimpy outfits- come on in front of kids please.

    • Yea, that is gross. They had a true life similar to this once on MTV. This girls mom dressed all skimpy and she hated it the girl offered to give her a makeover and she bought "mom" clothes. But I don't think she changed.

    • Ahaha!

  • Peruvian women are so ugly. and like 98% of them are retarded.


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  • Pity her and try to set a good example of class & modesty for her. If you have children you have every right to confront her and ask her to dress appropriately now that she is a step GRANDMOTHER! ROFL!

    Sad to say but she's got issues and your dad may too if he's marring girls that age. It will probably fall appart faster than you think. Do what you can to avoid her so you don't get sucked into later drama. I would bet she's the cheating type. Soon her wardrobe will be the least of everyone's worries. Sorry to hear about this. It's got to be the most difficult thing to witness. :(