When you're in a serious relationship?

would you prefer your girl to dress conservative and kind of plain or showing a little skin


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  • nothing wrong with showing a little skin.

    It nothing wrong in asking the boyfriend too.


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  • As long as you're not trying to show off for everyone it doesn't matter. It's up to you.


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  • i think a little skin. If you are already in a serious relationship, show some skin, shee how he would react to that, as in a protective way. He should be like, umm, honey I don' t like it when youshow skin or w.e... But don't show TO MUCH skinxD.. and if you are getting into a serious relationship. Do the same . Its better to see how protective he is towards you. You have to analize the man your dating. If he doesn't say anything all day, at the end say what you think of my dress. ANd if he says I think its sexy.. than you know he just wants to see that taken off... or if he says it's sexy but try to cover your chest more ect than he is a keeper.. WEll that 's what I would say .. ( this goes only for getting in a serious relationship,and a little bit for already in aserious relationship).. goodluck