Attracted to Mr. Perfect, except for his girlfriend?

during law school orientation, I scanned the group of incoming students to profile the people I would have to interact with for the next 3 years of my life.

nearly all of the guys were, to nicely put it, not my taste. but there was this one guy there that was really cute. actually, he's both cute and hot at the same time. he's not too tall, scruffy and rugged looking, but really masculine. he's super casual, and at first went about thinks like he just didn't care.

he seemed like the kind of guy who barely got into law school, and the way he walked and his eyes sort of said "I don't give a sh*t". so the person directing the orientation picked on him and asked him a question, to try to catch him off guard and embarrass him, and he totally just calmly quoted two landmark cases from the top of his head and kiss-assed about the school's history and the alumni from the school that were actually involved in changing the existing law.

so after orientation, we talked for a bit. he's so good-looking and smart, and he's really charming and just, I dunno, he has this really powerful and captivating aura about him. I'd imagine he'd be arrogant or full of himself, but he's just casual and "I don't give a sh*t" about everything.

I got his name, so when I got home, I looked for him on westlaw and saw that we're in the same section! (which means we're going to be taking all of our first year classes together). but! when I went to add him on facebook, I saw that he was in a relationship with someone else, and their anniversary was like 6 months ago.

what should I do? any advice?


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  • maintain a minimal friendship with him until he's single. If you spend too much time with him and/or thinking about this "perfect" persona he presents to you (no one is perfect, people know how to hide their less desirable qualities) you're liable to end up with nonreciprocal feelings or he'll get confused and it'll turn into a mess. You usually only have one chance to get it right. You don't want to ruin future possibilities. But if he really is a great as you think he is, there's no reason to think he'll ever end up single. timing is everything.


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  • Find another guy?

  • you could find a cure for aids, then give him aids and refuse to give him the cure unless he breaks up with his girlfriend

  • You could always just kill her. I mean, that is quick and easy. Then console him afterward and BAM.

    • Or make it look like she cheated on him, but why would anyone cheat on him?

    • Nooo, that is so low. Don't do that. Lying doesn't solve anything and will just make things worse for you in the end. Be friendly with him, and subtle.

    • I was joking

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  • Just be friends and maybe you can form a study group or something with him in it. If things don't work out with him and his girlfriend right now, you can know more about him by then and give him time and maybe go out sometime after they break up. If things do work out with them, he'll be just another guy friend and hey! It's a guy you can get advice from! haha