Is makeup that much important ?

I like make-up but not way too much,i just don't like to use it a lot.only in occasions.

I just feel like I put another mask in my face and I think using make-up all the time makes the girl insecure about her natural look.

I've a brown skin but people around me tell me that I've a little cute face that doesn't need that much make-up.

i personally don't like my look with a make-up,sure some little lipstick and other little stuff but I'm not into that big make-up.

Is make-up that much important?


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  • Not at all. I think everyone puts way too much emphasis in always trying to look perfect. I like natural girls. Be confident in your own skin.


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  • A little makeup goes a long way.

    It's bad when a) it's so thick you can literally scrape it off and b) when it's used to hide serious imperfections.

    It's not different to guys wearing shirts that make them look more buff. It's only bad when you start adding padding, so it's a totally false sale.

  • Simple answer, no. A little eyeliner maybe and that should do the trick for someone like me.

  • just put some on, but don't do that thing with the eyeliner where some girls make their eyes look pointy and please don't make your face look oily... that is just so nasty.but yea eyeliner and lipstick won't hurt.


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  • I don't wear any make up, but lots of guys wanna ask me out over girls who do wear make up. So, no, I don't think so, guys don't think make up is important. Just be yourself, be happy, be relaxed, and confident, and you will look good. My boyfriend doesn't care for makeup, he tells me that he prefer me without make up. My brother doesn't like make up either, my sister in law doesn't wear any, even while they were dating. To some guys, they really dislike the smell of make up/the powder/foundation thingee, smells like old women, or chemically, just smells bad to them. I guess its because if you wear make up, guys can tell you are wearing make up, so they cannot tell if you are pretty or that your make up is pretty. Or they will assume if you wear a lot of make up to cover up your face, you must not be pretty underneath.

    I do think there are instances that you do want to wear make up though... you should wear a little make up to go to job interviews... it is kinda expected of women in a business setting. I didn't know about that, cause no one taught me, so just in case, I wanted to tell you :)